June is Open!

We are so excited for this month's box. We will be working with the spirit Gin, while working with Big Spring Spirits and their 7 Governors's Gin!

This will be the perfect box to say HELLO SUMMER! With extra spice and everything nice. We can't wait for you to try!

We are adding a twist to this month as we would like to introduce a guest bartender recipe! This month we are welcoming Kate, from Big Spring Spirits, to help curate a perfect at home cocktail recipe. 

Thanks for all who ordered from us this past month.  We can't wait to see you again! Look for us on Instagram @hvnomadicspirits and Facebook. Full videos will be uploaded to Youtube as well this month.

June boxes will be ready the week of  June 15th. Specific dates and times pending weather. 



Happy Valley Nomadic Spirits

Handcrafted by Us.
Shaken and Stirred by You.


The Process


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photo dec 29, 16 46 51.jpg



Wondering how Happy Valley Nomadic Spirits works?  Each month you’ll receive a new and unique box full of surprises. We handcraft three recipes a box with enough ingredients to craft four cocktails a recipe. That's 12 cocktails a box, all made by you! Each box will be enhanced with a "spirit of the month," *not included* but, with our recommendations, will serve excellent provisions wherever you desire to shake and stir.


Our Background

With so many subscription boxes to choose from, Happy Valley Nomadic Spirits is proud to be a leader in the industry, showing all of our customers the quality and care they deserve with every unique box.

At Happy Valley Nomadic Spirits, we believe in creating unique experiences for all of our customers. Each box handcrafted to taste. We've spent the time traveling and learning new cocktails at speakeasy inspired lounges to take inspiration home. From the undergrounds of Rome, the rainforests of Costa Rica, the alleys in the Alps and back to the West Coast of North America and more, we have spoken with creators of classic and vintage cocktails, taking home a lesson at each destination.  Michael, being the bartender and cocktail menu creator at a local restaurant, is taking his passion to your home. 

We can't wait to share the experience with you!